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Family Checklist

Do you know all the steps involved when your loved one passes? Our convenient checklist can help make this difficult time a little easier.

✓ Contact Social Security

Phone: 1-800-772-1213
Website: www.socialsecurity.gov

It is important to contact Social Security to see if you qualify for benefits.

✓ Contact Veterans Administration

Phone: 1-800-827-1000
Website: www.va.gov

Many programs and benefits are available to families of veterans.

✓ Contact Your Accountant / Broker:

Be sure to contact your accountant or broker regarding any mutual funds, stocks, bonds, trusts, taxes, pension, and any other personal financial accounts.

✓ Contact Your Attorney:

Your attorney can help with wills, deeds, titles, and any other legal paperwork.

✓ Contact Your Insurance Company:

Make sure to contact your insurance company regarding any policies including life, home, auto, or any additional policies.

✓ Order Death Certificates:

Arizona is a “Closed Record” state. That means that vital records are not public record. To protect the confidentiality of our citizens, Arizona Admin Code R9-19-405 specifies that only the following persons may receive a certified copy of a death certificate: Spouse, Immediate family members, or Attorneys representing: family members, estates, or persons with a legal interest. Applicants must be 18 or older, provide proof of relationship (birth certificate, marriage license), proof of interest (Will, Insurance policy, court order, title, or other document that establishes a legal interest in the record). Remember to sign the application, provide valid government issued identification, and submit the appropriate fees.

✓ Bring Personal Effects to Funeral Home:

Provide funeral home with clothing, jewelry, photos, or any personal belongings to be used for services.

✓ Order Flowers:

If you wish, you can have flowers sent to the funeral home. We can provide a list of local flower shops to you if needed.

✓ Obituary Information:

If you would like to have an obituary in the newspaper, we can submit the information for you. Simply provide us with details.

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