Edith Barrowclough

Edith Barrowclough, (1950 – 2019) died at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix on April 5, 2019 following a two and a half year fight with pancreatic cancer. She was the former part owner and manager of Alaska Tax Service where she worked for many years.

As a child of a military family, she grew up in many places in Europe and the US. She was a brilliant student, won awards for marksmanship, and was a high school valedictorian. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated cum laude from the University of Texas with a degree in Latin American Affairs.

She worked several summers on aerial bowhead whale surveys in the Arctic recording data and documenting sightings. She loved movies and music, ocean kayaking, world travel, and exposure to other cultures. She enjoyed collecting arts and crafts directly from the artisans, and she loved to haggle in markets all over the world. She was an award winning photographer with a great eye for the shapes and colors of life. She was a generous humanitarian in thought, word, and deed, helping others, often taking them into her home for long stays, and making life-long friends she knew as her family. She loved drinking wine with friends. (You know who you are.)

She was preceded in death by her father John Barrowclough and is survived by her mother Inge Barrowclough, her husband of 37 years David McElroy, her son Brandon McElroy, her brothers John and Patrick Barrowclough, sisters-in-law Sue and Emily Barrowclough and Mary Bass, nieces Rebeckah and Julie, and nephews Adam and Ethan Barrowclough.

There will be a celebration in Anchorage at a later date. People are encouraged to submit thoughts, photos, and stories to the website
http://superstitionfuneralhome.com/edith-barrowclough .

And the woman on whom nothing is lost

Aims her camera with one hand,

And with the other in complete confidence

Passes the cup she’s been holding over her shoulder to the hand

In the desert behind her which is mine.